Are you looking for some extra space at home? Imagine you have nearly a full floor above your head that could become the ideal place for that extra bedroom, study, or even an entertainment room. What you choose to do with the space is your call, how you do it is ours!

We have put together a series of frequently asked questions that will help you decide if your attic is suitable for conversion and if you want to explore the option further.

Do I need planning permission for my attic conversion?

  • In most cases attic conversions are exempt from planning permissions. These usually consist of conversions that have windows facing the rear or side of the house (if they are not overlooking a neighboring property).
  • Attic Conversions that make any material change to the front of a dwelling (windows / dormer windows) will require planning permission.
  • If in doubt contact us and we can discuss your attic conversion further.

Is my attic suitable for conversion?

  • Unfortunately not all attics meet the criteria for conversion.
  • You can do a quick test yourself and venture into the attic space (if safe!). Take a measurement from the  central roof beam to the floor boards, then deduct about 6-10 inches from that and you will have a reasonable estimate of your final floor to ceiling height.
  • Or take a look on your street, if your neighbors have attic conversions then the chances are your house attic will be suitable too!
  • If in doubt you can contact us and we can discuss your attic conversion further.

So my attic is suitable for conversion and i dont need planning permission… how much will it cost?

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